The main goal of this project is to take raw Air Quality Measurements from the Dutch RIVM Landelijk Meetnet Luchtkwaliteit and publish this data using various public standards in particular those related to INSPIRE and Eionet. For this purpose a technical platform, "SOSPilot" has been developed. This website provides links to various elements of the SOSPilot platform. In addition, a weather station has been added to the platform. In 2015, Air Quality, Meteo and Audio data from the Smart Emission project (via was added to the platform.


Project-related documents.

Find all technical documentation on
Software architecture, transformation (ETL), web services (WMS, WFS, SOS) and various clients apps. Details for the Smart Emission project can be found in this chapter.
[PDF] Research Article: "Building bridges: experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of INSPIRE and e-reporting of air quality data in Europe" by: Alexander Kotsev, Olav Peeters, Paul Smits and Michel Grothe. - Earth Sci Inform DOI 10.1007/s12145-014-0160-8
[Slides] Presentation of the SOSPilot architecture, implementation and results at Geonovum on July 2, 2014.
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Clients - Air Quality (AQ) Data

Below are various web-clients that connect to the AQ Web Services. Click on an image to launch a client.

HeronViewer - Web-based viewer for WMS and WFS - Raw measurments data viewing and searching via WMS and WFS. Both last measured values per component and station and time-series via a timeslider using WMS-Time. This viewer is built with the Heron Mapping Client (Heron MC).
This SOS-client app uses the js-sensorweb-client. This is a modern HTML5/responsive design app and the most user-friendly. It uses the REST API from the SOS service (see Web Services below) directly.

Clients - Weather Data

In addition to AQ data, weather data is also exercised in the project using a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station at the Geonovum building roof. Read the documentation on how the Geonovum weather station has been setup and connected to OWS (WMS-Time, WFS and SOS) and public weather services like Weather Underground and KNMI WOW.

Report from the Geonovum Davis Weather Station
The Python weewx weather software on a Raspberry Pi collects weather data from the Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station on the Geonovum-building rooftop. weewx generates this report every 5 mins. The weather data is also published to WMS-Time/WFS and SOS services similar to RIVM AQ data.
Report from the Geonovum Davis Weather Station as Gauges
Another cool weather data view using the Steelseries Gauges. All pure JavaScript!
Weather Underground PWS IUTRECHT96 The Geonovum Davis Weather Station (via weewx on the Raspberry Pi) is also actively publishing to the Weather Underground (WunderGround) community. Every 5 minutes the weather is published to WunderGround. See a detailed report and forecast here and via the WunderMap.
WOW KNMI Geonovum Station The Geonovum Davis Weather Station (via weewx on the Raspberry Pi) is also actively (every 5 mins) publishing to MET UK Weather Observations Website (WOW). The station is registered with WOW site ID 929236001, The Dutch KNMI has a localized version, at Zoom in to Amersfoort to see the Geonovum station.

Web Services

Services for OGC WMS, WFS, SOS etc

52North SOS server

Version: 20140521-SNAPSHOT with later patches from 52N

The REST API provides easier access to the SOS. See REST API doc for the REST API Syntax. Below some example REST API requests



All development (tasks/issues, source code etc) takes place via Github.

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